5 Fall 2023 Standout Interior Design Trends

Unlike the weather here in Los Angeles, interior design trends actually change with the seasons. So, what’s in style this fall?

1. Coziness

Gone are the clean, cold, and clinical designs of the late 2010s. After a long day braving the outside world, people want to return to comfort. The pandemic’s impact on interior design was a slow crawl, but it has reached us now. At first, we saw an increase in pillow and plush blanket sales. Then, there were warm pops of color. Now, we are sprinting towards coziness.

Soft materials and layered bedding are increasingly popular this fall, styled with a blend of fabrics and textures. Some designers have taken it a step further with upholstered walls.

The masses have deemed this style “cozycore,” and it is more than a facet of design. Cozycore is about creating a warm, inviting atmosphere. Soft lighting and natural elements like plants, wood, and stone help to round out this soothing craze.

Source: s.u.s.a.p

2. Floor to Ceiling Color

The art of painting ceilings has been around since Antiquity, but the fascination with it grew in the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Nestled among over 300 figures on the Sistine Chapel ceiling, Michelangelo’s “The Creation of Adam” is one of the most famous.

Then, there is Andrea Mantegna’s “House of Spouses,” which literally brings the open sky into Ducal Palace and makes it feel more open.

In more recent years, we have painted ceilings white to achieve this effect. It reflects light and makes a room feel bigger, but it certainly doesn’t have the same impact. 

Luckily, the cozy Renaissance is bringing painted ceilings back—don’t worry, you won’t need to hire a Michelangelo to get the job done. All it takes is a little extra wall paint and time to coat the entire room in one color.

“House of Spouses”, by Andrea Mantegna | Source: SETDART

This fall is dedicated to natural hues—sage, forest green, earthy reds, and evening sky blue. Even Sherwin-Williams’ Color of the Year is Redend Point, a brown-red-taupe that looks like something out of a John Constable landscape.

Painting walls and ceilings in a deep green may shrink a room, but that’s the point.

If you’re not feeling as bold, try using color in creative places like inside pantries, on door knobs and hardware, or around open doorways.

Source: Havenly Hideaway

3. Vintage

Sustainability is always in style, and one of the best ways to implement it is with vintage pieces. Even if your home is more modern, you can still get in on the trend by mixing old and new design elements.

You don’t have to go searching for an old dresser or settee. Furniture is just one of many avenues. Vintage rugs, wall decor, and lighting can add just as much old flair to your home.

According to Naomi Astley Clarke, one of Andrew Martin’s Top 100 designers in the world, “People really appreciate how storied items can bring warmth, history, and soul to their homes.”

This history is also proof of longevity. Furniture that lasts is good for the wallet and the planet. That’s why vintage design is here to stay.

Source: Hommés Studio

4. Micro-luxury

Everyone deserves a bit of glamor, but chandeliers and marble are not always in the budget. Micro-luxury is here to help.

There are two potential routes to achieve the micro-luxury look. You could get a nice big-ticket item like furniture, a wall design, or a rug, or you could focus on smaller details like vases, sculptures, throws, and candles.

Whichever avenue you take, be intentional about how you splurge. Try to find pieces that draw the eye and inspire conversation.

Polish your micro-luxury design with natural elements. Plants and stone features add layers of depth and elegance to your home that you won’t find anywhere else. 

Source: The Style List

5. Patterned Rugs

As a seller of artisan rugs, we may have a bias here, so don’t just take our word for it! Even Home & Gardens says that rugs are in. Specifically, this fall is all about nature-inspired, abstract, and geometric prints.  

In a way, it is a culmination of every other trend. Rugs can emphasize the color and coziness of a room. Nature-inspired prints echo the natural elements in cozycore and micro-luxury. Vintage rugs are sustainable, and their history can motivate conversation. 

A good rug makes a better home.


·  Add soft textiles and layers.

·  Use natural colors.

·  Bring in plants and living elements.

·  Buy vintage.

·  Incorporate a few luxurious pieces.

·  Cultivate a space that makes you feel at peace.

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